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35" Premium Cutter Package

Our Price: £999.00
The 35" Premium package has a much wider range of tools and materials than the basic package. Designed so you have a varied mix of materials to allow you to learn more aspects of the sign making trade. Contains everything you'll require to set up your own sign/sticker making business. Along with all the tools, materials and Free hands on training we offer all our customers 12months of after sales support via our internet / telephone support team, helping you with any technical issues or general advice on sign making or designing of you signage. 
As mentioned above, included Free Of Charge is hands on training at our premisis in Bradford if required but we also offer a on-line / telephone program for customers who cant travel to collect there package.

Below is a full list of what this package includes, but you can also call us direct to discuss this or any other package on offer in more detail- 

What this package includes.

1 x 35" TC631 Vinyl Cutter/Plotter specially designed for sign making and sticker cutting.

1 x Sign Master Starter Software Package to plan and design as well as operate the Vinyl Cutter.

10mtr x 610mm Removable White
25mtr x 610mm White Gloss 3-5 year
25mtr x 610mm Black Gloss 3-5 year
150mtrs x 610mm Of mixed brands and colours 3-7 Year 

2mtrs x 620mm 0.85 Motorway Grade Magnetic
5mtrs x 305mm 3D Carbon Fibre 
5mtrs x 305mm Chrome / Mirroed Vinyl
5mtrs x 610mm Window Frosting Vinyl

1 x 610mm 50mtr Roll of Paper Application Tape
1 x 610mm 5mtr Roll of Clear App Tape With Backing 
1 x 300mm 50mtr Roll of Clear Application Tape

1 x 4" Grey Squeegee                                        
1 x 4" Grey Felt Squeegee                                  
1 x 4" 90 Deg Clear Blue Squeegee                     
1 x 4" Blue Squeegee                                         
1 x 4" Blue Felt Squeegee                                   
1 x 5" Hard Large Blue Squeegee                                    
1 x 5" Hard Large Blue Felt Squeegee                  
1 x 5" Soft Large Blue Squeegee                         
1 x 5" Soft Large Blue Felt Squeegee                   
1 x 3" Small Orange Squeegee                            
1 x 4" Premium Orange                                      
1 x 3" Pink Chizler                                              
1 x 3" Almond Chizler                                         
1 x 4" Yellow felt edge                                       
1 x 4" Green Felted Squeegee  
1 x 4" Green Spreader
1 x 4" Felt Block Squeegee

2 x Weeding Tools
1 x Hook Weeding Tool
1 x Metal Rule
1 x 8" Scissors                                            
1 x Weeding Tweezers                                        
1 x Scalpel Handle                                           
5 x Scalpel Blades                                              
1 x Retractable Snap Off Knife                      
1 x Lil Gripper Scraper And Blade                             
1 x Lil Small Slitter                                    
1 x Big Slitter                                                    
1 x Swann Morton Retractable Scalpel                                                
1 x Swann Morton Scalpel Blade Remover              
2 x Gripper Magnets                                           
1 x Big Gripper Scraper                                                 
1 x Stanley Retractable Scrapers                         
1 x 4" Green Removal Tool                                 
1 x Vehicle Wrapping Gloves
1 x Bubble Popping Pen                              

As mentioned above, we are the only company to supply all these product with a full hands on training program, as well as the years after sales internet / telephone support for not just the machinary and software but any general questions you may have relating to sign or t-shirt making. A 12months back to base warrenty comes with every package and as future potential customers you can rest assured that we will do our best to help you in any way we can, as the better you do the better we will hopefully do in selling you vinyls and supplies. It really is in our interest to get you up and running making money as fast as possible..

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: John Ric Wood from PRESTON    5 Stars


i was looking for something to get me going doing a few bits and peices ,this kit has EVERYTHING ,well worth the money ,more vinyl than id like to thinks possible to use but so useful to have it all ,the only limit is your imagination once you get your head around the software but that comes even for a computer bozo as i am

great help , back up and service from the lads at the shop as well

many thanks