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Eyelet Press - Comes Complete With Die

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Our Price: £79.99
Our eyelet press is manufactured from cast iron and then powder coated, they are high quality, built to last in industrial applications so it is robust and un-compromisable in its stability.

It is hand operated so you can easily and accurately position where you want the eyelet to be placed.  The banner press inserts the eyelet at the same time as that it pierces the banner which speeds up the production process.

The long and heavy handle generates enough leverage and pressure to punch through thicker banner materials, the foam wrap around the handle gives extra comfort and grip.

The press has 4 screw holes so you can fix the press into place, it can also be used it as a portable unit. The stop screw allows you to set the right amount of pressure to close the eyelets properly.

Boxed and packed in protective polystyrene packaging and sealed in a box for transportation.

A choice of either Green or Blue

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Eyelet Press - Comes Complete With Die
Eyelet Press - Comes Complete With Die