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Whiteboard vinyl or self-adhesive memoboard is a film that can be written on with whiteboard markers / pens & easily wiped off dry as often or as little as you like, without leaving ghost marks of previous text or drawings. This is the ultimate self adhesive whiteboard vinyl and will give you consistency & reliability time after time.

The fact that it is self-adhesive is a huge advantage in that it gives you a huge amount of flexibility in where they apply the film, therefore this self-adhesive film is ideal for a large variety of applications: for example, it is suitable for the daily changing menu’s in restaurants as well as for facilities such as seminar rooms, offices and schools. Even at home walls are easily turned into writable surfaces with this whiteboard film. One of the most popular applications is to turn large wall areas into a complete whiteboard surface in offices & schools.

Furthermore, if it is used in conjunction with the self-adhesive ferrous film, you can create a wall surface that can be written on with whiteboard markers and simultaneously attach magnets

White Board Vinyl also comes with free pens!

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